Week 4 Summery

Week 4 Summery

Here I am playing catch up again this week. Week 3 was rough, so it bleeds into week 4.

Here are 3 daily creates in one post.

here is a single

I was instantly overwhelmed by the audio assignments listed for this week. So, I broke it down to just one assignment at a time and tried not to look at it as a whole. Here is the first assignment I finished.

After finishing my Radio Bumper, the audio assignments don’t seem so scarry.

I have one fully formed idea for a radio show. I just need to hear feedback from the other characters’ creators.

The next assignment I finished was spooky dialogue. I had fun playing with stretching words or speeding them up. In the end I learned a few things and made something haunting.

I enjoyed the radio listening for homework this week. It was relaxing and fun.

On Friday I went to Target and bought headphones and a microphone to finish my work. Good decision, it made getting the final edits and bit of work done easier.

While recording was easier the mic picks up more and it is a bit scratchy. Well things to work on.

All right I am down to the wire ad I just posted my last assignment. I started it earlier in the week and knew exactly what I wanted it to sound like. I think I pulled it off.

Well, I was very tired this week still healing from my fall last week. My hand is still sore, but I got it all done. wasn’t sure I would! good night!

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