Final Project – Breaking News

Final Project – Breaking News

The final project for DS 106. I came to this class scared of failure. I have not done much with computers and felt I was starting behind where most of the students in the class were. I was probably wrong. I have pushed myself to try something new every week or attempt to succeed at something I had previously failed at. In the final project I wanted to finally make my evil brick creation speak. I also wanted to try to recreate the magic of working in a group like in the radio project. I think I reached both of those goals.

My group all came through with great content. Everyone put in great effort to make content for the news broadcast. Destiny Sunrisen – destiny’s lil blog 🙂 Was the editor for the first half of the news show and I put together the second half. It felt good to trust someone else with a hunk of the work and not be a control freak. I have checked out Destiny’s work throughout the semester and in Ravioli Radio and knew they could handle it. They do excellent work. Greta According to Greta – WordPress site ( did the news anchor to tie everybody’s work together. It was also an important bit to make the whole piece feel connected and together.

. I am not good at delegating and trusting people to do things. I have think I have successfully done that this time. Marisol Sol’s Wrld – Bright like the Sun ( came through as always with the great idea and video of the Ring Door Bell. Last but not least we got a new to use group member Leila Leila’s Corner – Her interlude ( She created some fantastic news segments on self-driving cars and vending machines going after us. Everyone in the group did more than what I mentioned here. If you want to hear more about them, please click on the links to their blogs.

I created the chat in discord and a google doc for us all to stay organized. I put up a sample outline in the google doc for us to start with and content idea list. Everyone could add or change things at any time. I found videos of stuff I thought fit the AI uprising theme and put links to it on the google doc. The news show Idea gave everyone the opportunity to make different types of digital media. I was dead set on animating that brick if it killed me, so I didn’t use any of the video I found. (One video was an ad for a movie about a car tire that came alive. I also made some ridiculous posts on Facebook about AI. I then changed my profile picture and took a screen shot on my phone of the post a few days later. I then put the posts into photoshop and changed the name from mine (Sarah Bradshaw) to whatever moved me. I came up with the names a few different ways. Sally was what I named a favored doll as a child. Some of the names were picked for their amusing initials. And others you can just guess. I then cropped the image to size to be placed on a slide for the news segment. I added graphics and a voice over. The voice is AI from AI Voice Generator & Text to Speech | ElevenLabs name Matilda. I came up with all the writing and dialog myself. I did not use a chat bot. For the Dr Oblivion segment, he is a chat bot. I asked him a question twice and spliced both of his answers together and lip synced it to a video of him. I added the graphics in Priemer Rush to make it look more like a news segment.

I think the things I made really show what I learned to do this semester in class. I learned how to edit sound and video. I learned how to use generative ai to make things for me to use in my art. I made a brick laugh. What once was scary no longer is. Except for maybe an AI uprising.

Everyone in the group has different strengths and skills so I have no idea who spent the most time on this project. I do know we all came together with great work and put it together. Since it is an online class, I wouldn’t recognize anyone on campus if I sat next to them. I will miss them I am sure, when I have to do another group project especially. They were great to work with.

If you wish to know more about the evil brick segment Evil Bricks and Final Update – HURKLE-DURKLING Thoughts for DS106 ( Final project update – laughing bricks are creepy. – HURKLE-DURKLING Thoughts for DS106 (

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