Final project update – laughing bricks are creepy.

Final project update – laughing bricks are creepy.

My children have informed me that the laughing brick is just plain creepy, and I have been looking at bricks for too long. I then went back to the drawing board and tried making a short animation of the original evil brick. I used adobe photo shop ai generative fill to give the brick some mouths. The mouths were all varying in opening size. I created 8 of these frames. I then put them in Priemer Rush and made a short video clip of a brick opening and closing its mouth. I tried to use this clip I made in 2 different lip sync programs. (wav2lip and gooey ai) It would not sync. Then I decided to old school animation it. I tried to quickly match the movements of the mouth to the audio I recorded. While it isn’t perfect I have made it speak. The voice of the evil brick is my 7-year-old Tabitha. I think it really fits. I spent numerous hours on like 20 seconds of video. I am not sure the creepy laughing brick that my nearly 17-year-old says is the stuff of nightmares will make the cut for the final project.

The group as a whole is communicating through discord and a google doc. The google doc has been great with organizing what everyone is working on and what still need to be done. The idea of the news broadcast was an effort to give everyone the space to make what they wanted and tie it together in a cohesive way.

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  1. As a group member, I applaud your animation efforts with the laughing brick. You also have been instrumental in formatting the Google doc. It has been enjoyable to create the individual components for the video and to ponder “what if” AI took over.

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