They need us

They need us

I gave a lot of thought on how I wanted to do the short video for my last DS 106 assignment. We were asked to pretend we were giving a short speech at a conference. There were some points we were asked to hit. Could not be longer then 2 mins or we would fail! Just kidding about failing. I realized Aggressive Technologies needs us, the consumer and the worker.

I put some of my favorite things I have made for a slide show to watch while you listen to me drone on and on and on. If you paid close attention, I threw a picture of myself in there. I mentioned the creation of characters for the class and the radio show. Those were some of my favorite things we/ I did. I am also very proud of my fake 911 call about a skunk in a house. Ravioli Radio was a joy to create. The whole team was amazingly creative. I thoroughly enjoy listening to our show. Ravioli team don’t let anyone steal your joy from your creative work. Art is subjective not everyone is going to like it. Remember Jesus was perfect, and they murdered him. Not everyone is going to like what you like or even like you. In DS 106 it truly is the weird and the wonderful. Aggressive Technologies is just jealous of us.

5 thoughts on “They need us

  1. thank you for everything sarah!! there’s no one else i’d rather edit all those things together with!! take care of yourself 🙂 RAVIOLI RADIO FOR LIFE!!

  2. Great work Sarah, on many assignments throughout the semester! You were a kind and responsible group member. We will meet up in the fall on campus, and I’m looking forward to catching up with you. 🧱

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