Evil Bricks and Final Update

Evil Bricks and Final Update

I saw another student used a website gooey AI to lip sync. I thought I book marked their post but once again I did not. internet search for the win! After much trial and error, I figured out how to get my Evil Brick to laugh. I made frames of a brick with a mouth slowly disappear and reappear. I made 8 frames in all. Then I took these and put them in Adobe Premier Rush and copied them and looped them. I then had a silent video of a brick opening and closing its mouth crudely. I them went to Gooey AI and uploaded the very short video and a sound of laughing from free sound. The program worked! it even improved my brick’s weird mouth. I now have to see if I can get it to say something other than laugh now.

I also have been having trouble with YouTube. It worked when I switched browsers.

3 thoughts on “Evil Bricks and Final Update

  1. Oh, that’s good. Depending on where you want to go with it, it might not be necessary for the brick to say anything more. For example, one person might project evil intent on the bricks in a conversation, and the might suggest that’s crazy, and then cut to the brick.

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