911 what’s your emergency?

911 what’s your emergency?

The following is a fake 911 call Lady Alice E Smythe made as a child. It is an example of her character trait of knowing more than everyone else. I estimate her age in the recording to be around 9 years old. sit back and enjoy listing to the “emergency”.

I used sound effects from Freesound. Here are some of the sound clips I used:
40X40cm WindowGlass Carpet 3 by P.jezsek
Rat in the attic, possum in the roof by Darius Kedros
Slam door by Soundsforhim
Cat Angry Hissing 01 by promete

The voices are mine or my 9-year-old child. I made her so it counts.

I hope you enjoyed the little story as much as I enjoyed making it.

2 thoughts on “911 what’s your emergency?

  1. I really enjoyed listening to your sound effect story. I liked how you used the sounds of yourself and your own child along with the sounds found on freesound. I think that the incorporations of both kind of sounds really adds to the story and allows the story to be told well. Great work!

  2. Thanks I am glad you enjoyed it. Some of the inspiration for the idea came from a few stories in my family. My grandfather as a child found a baby skunk walking home from school and thought it was a kitten. He brought it home since he lived on a farm to take care of it. His parents smelled him before they saw him. One of my sisters has a love of animals and is always taking in strays and finding them forever homes. I honestly could see one of my children doing something like this in real life. Hopefully now that they hear how it could go wrong it won’t happen.

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