Sound Effect Story – Walking a Dog

Sound Effect Story – Walking a Dog

I had a difficult time thinking of something to do a story on with no words. It came down to crunch time Friday afternoon and I had no ideas. Hopefully you don’t find this too boring, but it is a rather peaceful walk. So, sit back and destress and enjoy the sounds of taking a dog out without leaving your seat.

This is a picture of my dog. I was able to find audio of the same breed of dog I have to use. Which was fun. My dog loves other animals except white dogs. If you are a white dog doesn’t matter your size, you must die. She believes they are a threat to her and her family. The little white poodle/terrier mix across the street the same size as a cat is public enemy number one in her book. So obviously I took inspiration from life again.

I used sounds I found on Free sound and the following are a few of the ones I used.

Small stream in woods by CastleofSamples

footstepsB by bennstir

Jazz the dog Howl &Bark by delphinebrain

Footsteps walking through woods by noisyninja

Slam door by Soundsforhim

Dog barking in forest when jogger passend by by AtoMediaDesign

Single dog bark 1 by Crazymonke9

Cat Angry Hissing 01 by promete

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