DS106 Radio Session

DS106 Radio Session

I was able to make it to the 1st night of group radio listening. I have listened to vintage radio shows before, so I did have an idea on what to expect. We listen to “Do androids dream of electric sheep” It was a great story. They made great use of the sounds to let you know where the characters were at any given point. They sounded different in the car then they did in a big empty space. There were footsteps and paper shuffling. I was unable to make it to the 2nd installment of the story and listened to it on my own. In the 2nd half of the story a famous painting is described and then the painting is used a reference to explain and describe the scene. The painting used was Edvard Munch “the Scream”. The music and sound effects did a great job of painting the scene as gritty and post-apocalyptic sci-fi.

On Wednesday we listened to 2 shorter programs. The first was “A Logic named Joe”. It was cartoonish and silly but with a sense urgency. It made use of cartoonish transition music. You got the idea that the characters were in quite a pickle but in a fun way. You could tell when they were on the phone with a person by the way they distorted the other voice slightly. At one point a kid is slapped and you just have to catch it with the sound effects since they don’t out right say it.

The other program was more serious in nature with less music. It was called “Report on the Barnhouse Effect”. Some ties the scenes faded into each other and other times there was transition music. The radar sound effect noise sounded like old school call waiting beeping. The sound effects were not silly like in Joe. They were much more serious. The music was simple and eerie chords. It really built suspense. Near the end a gun (I think they might have said pistol) was being fired and it was machine gun sounds. I laughed because the sound did not match what was described. (I grew up with a parent in the military and married a veteran of the armed forces) The sounds used really carried the story along providing information.

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