Radio Show Ideas

Radio Show Ideas

I would like to have a radio show with Dr Ravioli, Marie E. Pearl, and Lady Alice Smythe. They can discuss mopeds, world domination, and why a cat would marry a lobster. Marie can be trying to pet Ravioli constantly and being neutral on all topics. Alice and Ravioli can argue about mopeds. Alice insisting, they are terrible and Ravioli singing their praises. Marie can just keep agreeing with both points of view. Alice can try to constantly to one up the cat while Dr Ravioli ignores her because he is a cat. Marie can lecture about being nice and then sort of fade into the background. Ravioli can throw his life experiences into the mix to prove what point he is making since he is the oldest. We could throw in a conversation about AI and weather that would improve mopeds or not.

Another Idea for a radio show would be Dr. Ravioli talking to any of the robot characters trying to convince them to be turned into a moped.

All the AI enthusiasts do a radio show to raise money for the cause. I noticed there are several AI developers on the characters list and a televangelist. They could do a recruitment show.

2 thoughts on “Radio Show Ideas

  1. Dr. Ravioli loves this idea and cannot wait to discuss it more with you later. He would be happy to join your group and whoever wants to join as well.

    -Dr. Ravioli’s Assistant

    1. Excellent. Please inform the good Dr that he is free to recruit others to the cause. I think we are supposed to have a group bigger than two.

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