Weekly Summary 12

Weekly Summary 12

Busy week with the kids’ school and my schoolwork. So, I started off the weekend with a daily create.

Eclipse day very busy but I got this in.

By Thursday I had found some videos to try and edit for my project and gotten some good audio from Dr. Oblivion to play with. I also had viewed the eclipse with the family, chaperoned a field trip, Wednesday was no school day. Thursday appointment at the elementary school.

Thursday I also did a 3rd daily create.

Friday another thing at the elementary school. I also have had a terrible headache all day. It is a migraine headache. the double vision has been the worst. I quickly through together some of the material I have for more project so I could show I have collected some things and put it on the video project post. It is only about 8 pm but I have given up hope of salvaging my day and putting my video together. crying and going to sleep sounds more likely. My kids are fed, alive, and in bed. that is today’s win.

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