Video Project – Origins of Evil Bricks

Video Project – Origins of Evil Bricks

I heavily edited my video plan. While I would love to make the full-length fake documentary, it is just not possible for me to do that the way I want with my current skills and time constraints.

What are evil bricks?

I did find an old news reel on the San Fransisco earthquake on the library of congress website that I edited. It has loads of old footage of broken brick buildings. I was able to place an Evil Brick in one frame. I already knew how to make Dr Oblivion speak with Wav2lip. I gave Dr Oblivion a question multiple times and downloaded his answers and then edited them together in Audacity to give an answer I liked best. I used the edited audio in the LipSync/Wav2lip program. On Thursday after my kids got home from school, I asked them to stand on the front steps and pretend they saw, an evil brick come to life and tell me about it. I think they did pretty well on the fly. My teenager declined to be a part of the video. I had a migraine on Friday, which is the day I set aside for the final edit to put it all together. I had a busy week with class and attending meetings for my children at their schools. Overall, I am pleased with how far my video skills have come. I went from never having made an edited video before at the beginning of the semester to knowing how to do voice overs, adding things to frames, and put words in Dr Oblivion’s mouth.

I have had a migraine all day Friday. I was unable to finish my video. So below you will find a video of a few things I have pulled together. The finished product should be posted at the top of this post by Monday. I used Adobe Premier Rush to make the video.

I took the weekend and pulled some clips from a movie on the library of congress website to make video of a couple more experts for the project. I balanced the sound as best as I could in Premiere Rush. My 2 youngest started vomiting on Sunday. For some reason YouTube keeps giving me errors and wouldn’t let me upload anything. So, I have now used my 3 free uploads to Vimeo. I didn’t finish the final edit until Monday morning. While there are points to the story, I wish I could have built on in the video I am very pleased with how it turned out.

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