On the Internet

On the Internet

#tdc4472 #ds106 #ds106 On the Internet …

#tdc4472 #ds106 #ds106 On the Internet … | The DS106 Daily Create

Famous New Yorker cartoon comments on the anonymity of going online. What else is true about the Internet?

MsMapex: “#tdc4472 #ds106 #ds106 On the …” – ds106 Social

Well, I heard Amazon was actually started by cats in order to get more boxes in homes for their incarcerated feline friends. Everything you read on the internet is true.

A simple internet search has confirmed what I read.

You Can Turn Your Amazon Boxes Into A Cat Condo | Dieline – Design, Branding & Packaging Inspiration (thedieline.com)

There are pictures everywhere of cats in Amazon boxes! I wonder if a certain immortal cat is actually the one behind all of this…

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