Make a Small Sculpture – Displacement

Make a Small Sculpture – Displacement

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Create a small sculpture with random items you have around your home or workplace. Give it a title and share your creation.

I decided small is relative. I also decided to share a collaborative work. Some of you may remember that I was displaced from my home for much of 2023. We were not able to move back home until January of 2024. This piece is an ever-growing sculpture of items that have lost their home in the upheaval. While I am the main artist there have been some other contributors. Some items have lost their place here and will be rehomed. It is a monument to change, seasons of life, growth, and loss. I give you “Displacement”.

Or maybe I am just being lazy and calling my clutter art?

Some truth is these things have lost their place. Somethings are leaving the house.

My 7-year-old for some reasons loves to build dirty sock sculptures around the house.

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