Week 3 Summery

Week 3 Summery

This week started off great. I had established a routine and was enjoying the daily creates. I had started draft pages for the assignments on my blog. I was organized! I was not going to be rushing at the end of the week to get it all done.

Then I fell.

I was walking to my car Tuesday night after class at about 7:25 pm I tripped on some uneven bricks and fell. My heavy backpack added to my instability, and I was unable to catch myself. I scraped my forehead on the brick walkway. In addition to the head injury, I also hurt both my knees and my right hand. It has made getting my work done quite difficult this week. I could not type Wednesday or Thursday. I was able to start typing Friday with many breaks. I am on Doctor’s orders to rest but I would rather not have to do 2 weeks of schoolwork in one week is all my classes, so I do what I can.

I did manage to do the reflection on design thoughts before I got hurt.

https://ds106.hurkledurkling.com/blog/reviews/design-thoughts/(opens in a new tab)

For some reason my UMW choose the week 3 email to go to junk. I just found it today (Friday). I had found a week 3 assignment list on the DS106 website that I was using. It was incomplete compared to the actual list. I may go back and re-do my design thoughts. I will have to see how much my hand can handle.

Here are links to my daily creates I made posts for in my blog.

Outsider Art – The Daily Create – HURKLE-DURKLING Thoughts for DS106 (hurkledurkling.com)

Daily Create Colour it in – HURKLE-DURKLING Thoughts for DS106 (hurkledurkling.com)

Cat on a Toilet – HURKLE-DURKLING Thoughts for DS106 (hurkledurkling.com)

#tdc4397 #ds106 Bark like a dog – HURKLE-DURKLING Thoughts for DS106 (hurkledurkling.com)

I did 4 but I had a personal goal of trying to do all of them. that will have to wait until my hand is better.

I was able to do the demystifying AI assignment.

Koala wearing a knitted hat – HURKLE-DURKLING Thoughts for DS106 (hurkledurkling.com)

Koala in a Knitted Hat – Part 2 – HURKLE-DURKLING Thoughts for DS106 (hurkledurkling.com)

I am having to really edit my thoughts with the sore hand. It is a challenge.

The four seasons visual assignment was fun. I decided to connect it to my character Lady Alice by showing where she grew up.

Photo Blitz

my second assignment for the week.

It was a difficult week, and I did the best I could under the circumstances. I really enjoyed the process of making the PSA assignment. It was great using my accident as inspiration for my work. It was great making it something to laugh about. Now to get on with Week 4 work.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your hand and hope your recovery is going well! I hate injuries, they just make life more difficult then it already can be. I enjoyed looking through your photoblitz and thought you used a lot of well-fitting pictures for the prompt. Keep up the great work!

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