Outsider Art – The Daily Create

Outsider Art – The Daily Create

I am doing more than the required number of daily creates. I am not trying to be an over achiever I just enjoy doing them. Life is stressful do what makes you happy.

The assignment

#tdc4400 #ds106 An artist is outside of the world

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Outsider art is a thing and is defined as: ‘created outside the boundaries of official culture’ Artist Anselm Kiefer suggests that all artists are ‘outside of the world’. In what ways are you ‘outside the world’ when you create?

After looking at what other people had posted for The Daily Create, I became inspired. I remembered a large rock in Utah near the highway that was covered in graffiti. It is called suicide rock. I found a video on YouTube that give you a good idea of it. People have to climb this rock and then paint it. It is constantly changing. It is outside and anyone can contribute to the art on it.


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