Koala wearing a knitted hat

Koala wearing a knitted hat

I really enjoyed this assignment. I tried a few different prompts. Spider-man from the Marvel comics did not work. Trust me or don’t and see what an Adobe Firefly gives you. I settled on something less startling Koala on a blue couch wearing a knitted green and purple hat. I tried to use a few other AI image generators but I either had to pay or I am sill currently waiting on them to finish generating. At the time of typing this it has been at least an hour. So, I will show you a selection from Adobe Firefly.

I really like this one because it is like the koala is posing for a portrait. The couch is fancy and is outside with eucalyptus trees in the background. The recuring problem is shown here. Half of the koala is missing. With the scale of the couch and a koala half of him is gone or inside the couch.

This one I do not like. I asked for the style of cut paper and knitted. I forgot to remove the knitted style from the prompt. It gave me a weird blend of flat paper and stuffed animal. The koala is clearly being eaten by the couch. I don’t understand the need to cut paper in its ears. the couch ends and begins on the right side of the imagine. Look at just the lines of the couch and you can see it doesn’t make sense.

I love the style of this imagine. The style I asked for a painting, acrylic, watercolor, geometric pen, and photo. I was trying to get something that did not work at all. It gave me a fun blend and the koala some pens. But sadly, once again half of the little guy has been cut off. The couch also has the weird begins and ends thing happening on the right of the imagine.

and my favorite imagine (below) had the same prompts as the imagine above.

The couch makes more sense. The proportions of the koala to the couch are better than the others. The half of the koala missing also makes sense with the koala looking over the arm of the couch. I really like how it incorporated the leaves in the background. While I never said what shade of blue to use it is interesting to see that the imagine generator used the same blue every time.

I was surprised that by adding more style prompts I got a more pleasing imagine than with less style prompts. I thought it would have been the other way around.

Bing finally produced images. check out part 2 for more koalas.

Koala in a Knitted Hat – Part 2 – HURKLE-DURKLING Thoughts for DS106 (hurkledurkling.com)

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    1. I did not know that. One reason I chose a Koala is that my youngest daughter is obsessed with them the last few years. The joke is this is what she would look like as a koala because of her love of hats.

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