PSA Evil Bricks!

PSA Evil Bricks!

On Tuesday the 30th of January I was the victim of an evil brick. I tripped walking to my car after class just before 7:30pm walking to my car. It hurt me. I Want to bring awareness to the issue of good bricks turning to a life of crime and violence. I chose to make a billboard Public Service Announcement to help spread the word.

Bricks are everywhere! As humans expand their habitat, we also expand the habitat of bricks. With age comes the increased risk of bricks becoming evil. Young bricks have an increased risk when installed incorrectly. We as humans can do better and be better.

I made this using Adobe illustrator, Adobe Firefly, Microsoft paint program (whatever comes with windows) and picture I found on the internet of Arrington Hall.

The brick path image needs to be cut down, but I have reached my limit on the use of my right hand. When I fell, I caught most of my weight on my right hand and left knee. I scraped my head on the bricks when I fell. I fell on the path in front of Arrington Hall on the path to the parking lot. I learned you can yell expletives, and no one will care on campus. I also learn I do not scream as I fall just yell in anger. My heavy backpack only served to destabilize me and smash my head to the ground. I luckily did not get a concussion. I think I fell because I was getting sick and did not get sick because of my fall. I am on antibiotics and under doctor’s orders to rest. I could not type at all Wednesday or Thursday due to the swelling in my hands.

This is my head close to 24 hours after the accident(above).

Be safe out there walking is dangerous!

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