Photo Blitz

Photo Blitz

I was given 20 minutes to do this list in photos. You can decide if I was successful or not.

  • Take a photo of (or something that represents) the moon.
  • Make a silhouette by aiming the camera into bright light.
  • Ssqueaks, honks, laughter, etc. Make a photo of a noise maker you hear.
  • Something commonly considered ugly and make it heart-breakingly beautiful.
  • Take a photo of an object that represents how old you feel.
  • An instrument that measures something
  • Forced perspective – make something small look big, or big look small.

click for another list.

Enjoy the stylized haze from a dirty camera lens.

My dog Grace makes lots of noises. Here she can be seen laughing at me while I attempt to do my work. Or maybe she was just yawning….

Are those a giant’s fingers?! Are they just tiny tissues? Is that a piece of glitter? What is going on there?

(fingers belong to a 9-year-old girl)

Moon doodle! (also, by the 9-year-old)

As I loaded this, I realized that now you all get to see my dusty ceiling light. This is the same room from the ceiling selfie in week one. This is for the silhouette in front of the light photo.

Tape measure showing 6 inches. You may have noticed the couch is blue.

I feel old, banged up, dusty, and yet useful like these books. I used them in a painting last year about this time.

I think my little dried flowers are pretty. My family not so much. Enjoy the little turtle hiding underneath it all.

Finished. I think it helps that my house is a mess right now. we are still trying to move back in since the water damage was fixed. It has items in odd places.

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