Week 2 summary

Week 2 summary

Well, you will have noticed there was no week 1 summery. I had a rough start to the semester. Really 2023 was terrible and it has seeped into 2024. I have really enjoyed the daily creates this week and I am really proud of poem I wrote. I paired it with a picture I took in January 2022 when we got a lot of snow and lost power for over 4 days.


On Monday I completed my 1st visual assignment. I had a lot of fun finding a winter Bob Ross painting and put my children in it. It was so fun showing it to them. They want me to make more. I also started a few other assignments to finish later in the week.

I went to campus earlier than usual to get my parking decal and stuff etc. I was like I will do some homework on campus in the commuter lounge. I need to get headphones. I don’t think the other students would understand or appreciate Dr. Oblivion.

I found developing a character to be difficult at first. Then I decided to model the character off of my sometimes-evil cat. So, with the basic outline of a personality, I then decided to fill in the blanks as it were. It was quite fun and came together rather quickly using the cat as a starting point. If I have the need to make more characters, I luckily have 3 more cats and a dog to use. Lady Alice E Smythe – HURKLE-DURKLING Thoughts for DS106 (hurkledurkling.com)

I decided to use AI to complete a daily create on Thursday. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time making something and since I had never used AI for art before I went with it. It was fun but it took a few tries to come up with something to fit the assignment. I tried out AI again on Friday for the daily create. I had a few ideas for the little poster and new it would take a long time to do. I let AI have a go at it. IT did a good job of putting different scenes together in a pleasing way. The people and animals just looked like mutants or abstract in a bad way. The animals kept looking like they were escaped genetic experiments from a lab. I went with the least scary animal picture for the post. The following is a link to Mastodon where you can see all my daily creates.


I have had a lot of fun getting to know Dr Oblivion. My favorite replies are when he is sarcastic. The Doctor has given me a good laugh many times this week. I have enlisted the help of my children, when possible, with my work. It has been a stressful year for them and getting to help me with homework or art has really boosted moral. They are an opiniated lot and I have to remind them I am the director not them. Sometimes their opinions are quite helpful as is shown in the 10 tips video. It is a short video that is too big to upload to the blog. Short is relative since it is about 4 mins long. I am now trying to figure out what to do. Sadly, the video will not be shared this week. I worked on it all week and while it wasn’t perfect it was my first attempt with editing, and I was proud of it.

10 Tips On What Not To Do – HURKLE-DURKLING Thoughts for DS106 (hurkledurkling.com)

I wanted to learn to make a gif this week. It didn’t work out well. I need to find the right software or learn to use it better. I wanted to change the background to a gif and couldn’t figure out how. I will try again next week. making a gif – HURKLE-DURKLING Thoughts for DS106 (hurkledurkling.com)

I enjoyed reading the Techno Manifesto and getting Dr. Oblivion’s thoughts on it. I wanted the blog post to read like talk show or opinion panel. Manifesto – A Review – HURKLE-DURKLING Thoughts for DS106 (hurkledurkling.com)

When rewriting the movie review, I wanted it to read like movie critics with different perspectives or an interview. Blade Runner – Film Review with Dr Oblivion – HURKLE-DURKLING Thoughts for DS106 (hurkledurkling.com)

I made a Pinterest board with having an AI maid or Butler in mind for one of the assignments. It was a little challenging at first coming up with the right words for the search bar.

Bedroom of the future – HURKLE-DURKLING Thoughts for DS106 (hurkledurkling.com)

This week I commented on my fellow students daily creates and read a few blog posts. I didn’t comment on any blog posts this week. I found it easier to comment on daily creates then blog posts.

Well, that’s been my work week for DS106. I will tackle my video problem after a good night’s sleep. I hope I figure out a solution soon.

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