10 Tips On What Not To Do

10 Tips On What Not To Do

I decided to give you 10 tips on how not to administer a Turing test. A Turing test is a series of questions that are given to a computer to evaluate its intelligence. It was developed by Alan Turing in the 1950’s. I don’t know what the questions are and have no experience with the test or the questions. It was a lot of fun thinking of what wouldn’t work for such a test. I enlisted my children as actors. Enjoy the chaos.

When I went to upload my video on Friday the 26th I found it was too big to be supported on my blog. I had a midnight deadline and could not figure out what to do. I was so disappointed. I spent hours on this video this week learning how to use the software and editing the clips together. While I know it isn’t perfect, I am proud of the work I did and the skills I am learning.

I emailed my professor and asked how to get my video on my blog. Answer upload to You Tube. I now have a You Tube channel. It will now be part of my blog and my adventures in DS106.

I am happy to present my 1st YouTube video. I hope you enjoyed it.

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