Blade Runner – Film Review with Dr Oblivion

Blade Runner – Film Review with Dr Oblivion

Blade Runner is a movie made in 1982 starring Harrison Ford and directed by Ridley Scott. I have seen many movies with AI but not this one before. Dr. Oblivion what do you know about Blade Runner?

The movie is set in Los Angeles in November 2019. It is quite entertaining to watch a movie that is set in the future, and you already live past that date. The 80’s had high hopes for space travel in the 2000’s. There are flying cars in the movie. Since we are in the year 2024 and the movie is set in 2019 why don’t we have flying cars Dr?

Replicants were used off world as slave labor in hazardous conditions. It is interesting to note that Hollywood depicts the rise of artificial intelligence with humans destroying and overcrowding the planet. The replicants are created to make human life easier and to build colonies on other planets.

There was a mutiny in an off-world colony that resulted in replicants becoming illegal on Earth. A special police squad was created to enforce this new law. They called them Blade Runners. I do not understand why they call them Blade Runners. Do you know why Dr Oblivion?

 I find it interesting that the main character Deckard considers himself a killer because he had retired many replicants. He sees the replicants as living beings and not just as a tool or a toy. When the replicants are activated long enough they start to develop their own emotions. They have the tendency to become angry. They become self-aware, especially about how they have been exploited by their creators. They essentially know they are slaves. The movie mentions 6 replicants that risk going to Earth knowing they face certain death if caught. Deckard is a former blade runner that is sick of all the killing. You can see he carries a lot of guilt about what he has done.  He is coerced back on the job by his former boss to help hunt down the replicants that are on Earth. 2 out of the 6 replicants are dead so Deckard is looking for the last 4. There are different models of replicants built for different tasks. The 4 replicants Deckard is tasked with finding are different models. Do you have a favorite model of replicant Dr?

Deckard goes to Speak to Dr Tyrell, the founder of the Tyrell corporation, the creator of replicant technology. This is where we get to learn that replicants are so close to being human. A special test has been developed to figure out who is human and who is not. We get to see Deckard administer this test on Rachel. After the test Rachel is told to leave the room. Dr Tyrell talks about how giving replicants a back story makes them easier to control. Rachel is a replicant and doesn’t even know it. She has memories and pictures of her childhood that never happened. While it took more questions than usual to discover she was a replicant she still didn’t pass the test. So, what are they going to do? Give the pleasure models an abusive back story, so they think that is all they are good for? Are they going to isolate what childhood experiences make a good soldier and give those to a combat model? Are they going to intentionally give AI mental health problems to keep them better as slaves? Dr Oblivion what are your thoughts on giving AI psychological disorders?

Rachel hunts down Deckard and asks him what the results of the test were. You get to see Rachel (a prototype) learn she is a replicant and go through the shocking revelation that she is considered as replaceable as a toaster. That she is considered less than human when she feels human. You can see Deckard feels bad for her and tries to take it back and convince her she is human. This whole scene is designed to make you feel sympathy toward Rachel. Which you do feel sympathy toward her character. You get to see a different range of attitudes to replicants: You see the racist, the creators that are in awe of being a part of making them, the creators that see them as tools, and those that see them as equals and just as worthy of life.

The reason the 6 replicants came to Earth was to find a solution to their short life span. They don’t want to only live a few years. They know humans get to live decades and they want at least the same amount of time. When faced with their own mortality the replicants are willing to do anything to extend their life, much like humans do. Roy, one of the replicants that came to Earth, finally makes it to creator Dr Tyrell where he learns there is nothing to be done about replicants’ short life span. He then kills Dr Tyrell. After that Roy tries to kill Deckard. Dr Oblivion why do you think Roy chases Deckard trying to kill him?

Roy tells Deckard it is quite an experience to live in fear and that’s what it means to be a slave. Roy then saves Deckard instead of killing him. Deckard was hanging by his fingers off the edge of a building when Roy pulls him back up. Why does Roy save him? What are your thoughts Dr?

Roy then sits down and quietly dies after saving Deckard. The death scene is all peaceful and serene. Roy for a while had been holding a white dove and lets it go as he dies. It is quite a sudden change from his anger and need to kill. Deckard doesn’t know why Roy saved him. He can only guess what changed his mind. Deckard believes the replicants have the same questions about life as humans do and that makes them the same as us.

Deckard has fallen in love with Rachel and Rachel returns his feelings. Deckard and Rachel run away together so Rachel can be safe. We learn that Rachel has more than a few years to live. Rachel has as much time to live as any of us do. We don’t know when our time will come, all we can do is live each day. Blade Runner draws parallels between racism, slavery and the hate people have for the replicants. If we as humans actually do manage to create AI, we should take care not to abuse our creation. You can learn a lot from a story. Sometimes the thing you learn is just what not to do. Dr Oblivion do you think people should abuse AI? And what are your closing thoughts?

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