Trading Card Time!

Trading Card Time!

The daily create asked us to make trading cards on this website. Trading Card (

#tdc4466 #ds106 #ds106 Let’s play #ds106 Top Trumps

I of course used Evil Brick. I went with the original with the evil eyebrows. It was a difficult choice.

MsMapex: “#tdc4466 #ds106 #ds106 Let’s …” – ds106 Social

Evil Brick is not 100% anarchist because he is somewhat organizing bricks to revolt against people.

He has zero humility. He is tired of being used and walked on. He knows he is more than that.

He is 100% evil with no remorse for any crimes he has committed. He is a brick with no softness.

He only succeeds 75% of the time making people feel the impact of the ground. He is working towards tripping 100% of his targets.

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