I had the joy of listing to a few of the other group’s radio shows this week. I ended up missing class on Tuesday and caught the 2 shows that aired then. I was unable to make Wednesday’s broadcast. Ravioli Radio played Monday with another show. I was able to listen then too. I had an exceptional busy week with my kids, so I was unable to give the shows the attention they deserved.

I was able to catch bits and pieces of the shows. You could tell everyone put a lot of thought and work into their projects. Everyone is at a different level when it comes to computer skills. With that comes different strengths and weaknesses. I enjoyed the show, Pop Perceptive, that spoke about AI in pop culture movies. This included the Spider-Man movies and The Avengers movies. I love Spider-Man. They did a good job analyzing how AI was portrayed in different ways. Ravioli Radio had a commercial that had the same voice as Isaiah Beacon (I may have the name wrong) a tele-evangelist for AI. He was featured in Logic Pod. It was really fun to have those connect by accident. (I could be wrong the maker of the commercial only knows) It would be fun in the future to connect more of our characters in indirect ways.

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