Weekly Summery 11

Weekly Summery 11

It is Saturday night and I ain’t got no body…..(yes it is a song) I made my self into a plant!

The behind-the-scenes drama that is my life has made getting schoolwork done this week difficult. I needed this daily create today.

I was able to come up with an idea for my video project. It may be too ambitious for me. Won’t know until I try.

I found out that Ravioli Radio had some members that were having trouble with LipSync. I have used it before, so I went through and explained what I did. Don’t know if it will help more than the video that is already made. I added it to my video plan. I made Frank speak in my voice this time.

I finished my 3rd daily create on Friday.

A summary of my listening experiences.
And so, ends another week in DS106.

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