Video Plan

Video Plan

I am currently working alone on my video project. I have come up with an idea to do an investigative journalist report or documentary about Evil Bricks. Where do they come from? What do they want?

I plan to find videos to turn into victim testimonials. I want to animate an Evil Brick to yell about something. I plan to do a voice over of footage of people walking on brick paths. I want Dr Oblivion to be the industry expert interviewed about AI. I am going to make Aggressive Technologies the accidental creator of Evil Bricks. So, if this doesn’t anger AT and make them sue what will?

I am currently trying to decide if Lady Alice is going to make the video in an effort to discredit AT or if I am going to make it as a student. I would be a student journalist and that would anger AT legal counsel.

What are evil bricks?


Video of people walking on paved walkways

narration: Across the globe people have been the victims of evil bricks. Once peaceful walks and scenic routes are now filled with danger. Where did they come from? What do they want? Are they organized or work alone?

People are asking why now? What is the cause? Some people have suggested magic, evolution, aliens, and robots. While some of these ideas seem ridiculous it is even more ridiculous that bricks are somehow coming alive.


Stories from victims.

Tabitha’s writing: show her art and record her talking about it.

Falling on a walk – use pictures of my fall on campus

House being torn apart by bricks leaving the walls.

Front steps falling apart. (I have a loose brick)

animate the evil brick have it say something

While looking into this problem of why good bricks have turned to a life of crime, I came across a company called Aggressive Technologies. They have been working on advanced AI and robotics. They are the makers of Everlast Pets. Could these bricks be an escaped project?

I found an industry expert to ask.

Dr Oblivion video interview use lipsync

People talking about aliens and magic say AI isn’t real. find movie clips to use with new dialog via lipSync

Use video clips of alien movies. Change dialog.

Aggressive technologies have had their hands in many projects. Some have even gone so far as to call them a shadow government. AT has been unreachable for comment.

Lady Alice quote here

Warning from Frank and Everlast pets

Life will never be the same now that the genie is out of the bottle, and we can no longer trust building materials.

One thing is for sure, life has either entered the twilight zone or the outer limits. We are no longer in control of the vertical and the horizontal.

Show billboard PSA evil bricks. flash evil brick art.


I am not sure how much of this I will be able to pull off, but I will do my best. I don’t have a length in mind for the video just that I want it to feel cohesive. It can feel like part one of a documentary series though.

I was chatting with the Ravioli Radio group and learned that some group members were having trouble using LipSync. I have used it to make Dr Oblivion say what I want, and I have made Frank say things as well. I did a quick video and typed up how I did it.

Wav2Lip_simplified_v5.ipynb – Colaboratory (

What I did

Go to the Google drive you use. I used the google drive for my personal email. I made 2 new files Wav2Lip and Wav2lip

The difference is the l in the file name. It looks like the code somehow? uses these files while putting stuff together. No idea it was in the original instruction I followed and it is still there.

Step 1 click play and give permission to do whatever the shady thing wants.(install dependency)

Step 2 scroll down to lipSync on your Video file. I did not use the YouTube upload that says step2. scroll past that.

You want upload not custom path. I will show you with pictures what the path is and where I found it on my computer. Also say yes to more shady stuff with google If asked. Click the little play button. Then you will see a choose file button appear. It’s small and grey. Then find the file you used for the path and click it for upload. Wait for it to finish.

you can see the path is highlighted in purple. Make sure your path ends with the file name. It won’t work if you don’t have the complete path. this picture has the path end with not the file name. I had to add \Frank.mp4 at the end for it to work.

Here you can see what the boxes looked like once I put the correct information in. Now click the little play button and the upload file button will appear to finish the step.

Step 3 repeat steps but upload the audio you want to use. I used an mp3 of me voice.

Once finished go to step 4 and click the little play button. Now you wait for it to put your files together.

If you take too long (like I did) step 1 times out. Since I kept stopping to take pictures and type while I did this, I had to refresh the page and start over. I saved my paths on a word document so I could easily copy and paste them where they needed to go. when you refresh you lose all your information and have to do all the steps again.

The clip I made is only 6 seconds long. Check out my PSA for Everlast Pets to see a better use of Frank.

5 thoughts on “Video Plan

  1. Your plan for the video project is fascinating. You seem to be headed in the right direction, so keep up the good work! I’m excited about seeing your video next week.

  2. Your plan is ambitious, which is good. If it ends up being too much, you can probably find a way to cut it back so that it is still cohesive yet manageable. And if you want to make it part of a series you could connect it to the final project.

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