PSA – Everlast Robotic Pets

PSA – Everlast Robotic Pets

I knew I wanted to do something with AI pets, when possible, this semester. I thought with a PSA it was a great opportunity. I watched Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers as a child. There is an episode with a robotic cat that is good until Fat Cat finds a way to make it bad. This gave me inspiration for the project.

What pulls on heart strings better than children? Pets. What if you could have a pet that never died. A pet you wouldn’t have to get a pet sitter for. A dog that never needed to go out in the middle of the night. Who wouldn’t want a pet like that as long as it acted and looked real for the most important parts! I bring you the Everlast Robotic Pet line. But Something has happened! A computer virus has been created to harm these pets!

For the sounds you hear I used clips I found on Free sound. You will find links for some of them below. For the voice I used

I watched another student’s work and really like the quality of the voice. They listed what website they used, and I book marked it for later use. I accidently closed the tab to their blog post so I regretfully cannot link it. I tried to find it but obviously have failed to do so. You know who you are so many people commented about how they were going to use your walk through of the process you did. Narakeet was a great find.

After I had my PSA all planned out, I saw this post A frank warning | and wanted to add Frank with a doom and gloom message. So, I went through the steps (and didn’t need to read the instruction document this time!) and made my Frank without Franks voice. I used Wave2lip to make franks mouth match the recording I made with Narakeet. I then used Adobe Premier Rush to put the video together. I used pictures I had taken or made with Adobe generative AI to give you something to look at while the PSA played. I hope you enjoy!

To connect this to my character Lady Alice E. Smythe I will explain her feelings on the subject. She is quite annoyed that someone has figured out her plan to use Everlast Pets to spy on people. She had worked on this scheme for some time to help her collect information for her hostile takeover of Aggressive Technologies. She is now going to have to have the code reworked to get around the new antivirus software or figure out how to piggyback on what Aggressive Technologies is doing to spy on people. She will put some comments on chat boards to discredit the online chatter about using pets as spies. This company is poised to run the world in secret so she will do everything to be the one to run the company. AI can be a useful ally as long as it is under her control.

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  1. In Meghan O’Gieblyn’s book, God, Human, Animal, Machine, she writes about the experience of having a robotic pet dog, and finding it staring intently at the books in her bookcase. It’s like it’s designed to be creepy.

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