Lady Alice’s reaction to propaganda & PSA

Lady Alice’s reaction to propaganda & PSA

The following are the privet thoughts of a fictional character in a fictional universe. The opinions expressed here are not to be confused with the author’s personal thoughts and opinions. Any similarities to real people are a coincidence.

Another day and more propaganda. Really another sinister poster trying to convince me to trust a computer? People are full of errors why would something they make be perfect? Well, I am sure the AI are smarter than most people and it would be doing them a favor to trust it.

That video plays perfectly into people’s fears for the future. It has to be the same person that created the poster I saw earlier. Both products were so clean and to the point. “Trust us we will lead you.” people are such sheep. Well, it will make it easier to do what I want in the end.

look another poster…we are so friendly let us help you! It is so funny what the weak will believe.

lol that one was funny. Anyone that knows political history should know what that referenced. I wonder how many people got the warning in it or did everyone think it was just about helping? I want to say it is hard to believe it got past the sensors but not really people are dumb. Oh well you can’t fix stupid just rule over it.

A new video time to check this out.

Wel well an intern made it in the video. I wonder what her online presents is like. I bet there is something I can use here. She could be an easy mark and another way in to get information. Aggressive Technologies admits it openly they are spying on you, and no one bats and eye. That’s still so funny to me “a force for good”. Who’s good? Well soon to be my good after I run the place. No one is going to be allowed to spy on me and control my life. Safety, convenience, and wellbeing my ass. Well, I guess not for the company ha ha ha. Well, I am aggressive because I care to take over. Not a bad commercial I am sure it will do its job for the company. But how to use it for my gain….

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