Daily Create 2 of 3 for week 9

Daily Create 2 of 3 for week 9

Today’s #DailyCreate #tdc4446 #ds106 Truisms

I thought it isn’t over until it’s really over. but what does that even mean? I used adobe firefly to generate an image of an abandoned gravestone. I then put the image in photo shop and used generative fill to add the daffodils, butterfly and rabbit. For the dead it is over for them on earth, but life still goes on. the plants grow in the soil made of things decomposing. The rabbits eat the plants. The butterflies also need the plants. Then there is all the symbolism surrounding the plants and animals. So, it’s not over until it is really over.

#tdc4446 – ds106 Social MsMapex: “#tdc4446 ” – ds106 Social

Also, this could be the lyrics to a Sugar Ray song…

One thought on “Daily Create 2 of 3 for week 9

  1. Hmmm, this is really interesting. I never really thought about it the way you did, as you can see from my post about this daily create. That is cool to see how you thought about the prompt a little differently than I did. Keep going!

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