Radio Ravioli Promo Poster

Radio Ravioli Promo Poster

I knew I wanted to make a promotional poster for the radio program. So, I did. I used Adobe Firefly AI to make the basic picture I wanted. I am getting faster at getting the results I want with it. OR perhaps it is learning what I like? After I had a picture, I downloaded it and opened it in Adobe Photo Shop. From there I spent at least an hour playing with fonts, colors, sizes, and placement of words. I then went to go find an assignment in the assignment bank that fit with what I made.

It took me a minute, but I found the assignment I did. Promotional Flyer. DesignAssignments1521

Well after a few days discussing things with my group it came to light that I had inverted the name of our radio show. I take comfort in knowing I was not the only one. below you will find the updated poster with corrections.

Which do you think looks better? let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Radio Ravioli Promo Poster

  1. This poster is so sick!!!! Best one i’ve seen so far, it has so much detail to it and a cat, how can you not love cats, I love it!

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