Video Essay – Stealth

Video Essay – Stealth

The main assignment this week was to learn about film making by watching and reading some information. I Highly recommend the You Tube series “Every Frame a Painting”. I learned a lot and enjoyed them very much. After we did our learning, we had to take a clip of the movie and do a voice over of our critique of the scene.

I was looking at the list of movies on Wikipedia, we were supplied, and I realized I have seen almost all of them. I learned I do watch a lot of sci-fi. The movies easy to find I have seen. I couldn’t remember the exact ending of the movie Stealth or if I had seen it on video or in theaters. It was easy to find so I went with that one. I was not even halfway through when I realized why I didn’t remember the movie. I found it very boring. I tried applying everything I learned from watching the movie making videos. I was watching for camera angles, lighting, how the scene was cut etc. Still boring. I found a few decent scenes that I jotted the time stamp down for that could be more fun or interesting to talk about.

Now came time for the downloading of a scene. I quickly realized on Thursday that it would be easiest just to find a high-resolution scene already on the internet to work with. I didn’t find any of the ones that I thought would be fun to work with. I did find one that wasn’t all action with the CGI planes.

The scene gave enough to talk about to show I watched the film making videos and told a little story.

I couldn’t just download it. I signed up to try You Tube premium free for 30 days. Turns out you can only view it in YouTube. Alright time to research and find a way.

I found this video

So, then I learned there was no way to download the video. It is Friday at noon, and I have a mild fever and caught a cold. (at least it better not turn out to be the flu) There is no going to campus today to get help. (in case you don’t remember I own a house, have kids etc.) I do own a video camera of decent quality or there is my smart phone. Let’s be pirates! I downloaded a program with dubious origins and hoped for the best. (please don’t let it be virus ridden) I then paid for the programs. I already had Adobe Premier Rush, so I was golden.

I made the voice over and it isn’t even 2 pm yet. New problem, You Tube doesn’t like the movie clip, copy right infringement. Now to use a new platform for uploading. Vimeo for the win.

I am glad I got this done before I lost my voice. My throat hurts and I am coming down with something. This take will have to do. I spent the most time trying to get a clip to do the voice over on. Once I got the clip it was easy to do a voice over on it.

A few scenes I liked better are a meeting held on the ship over a game of scrabble that takes place about 30 minutes into the movie. Has a lot of foreshadowing happening. The camera angles and placement of characters is one of the best in the whole movie. The grounding of EDI at minute 46 is also interesting. At hour 1:16 you have what I call the blame game scene. it has the “bad guys” in shadow speaking over the phone blaming each other for what went wrong. It cuts back and forth to the two men on the phone in darkness trying to one up each other. I felt it made good use of editing during the argument of who can better take down whom.

While I found the movie to be predictable and slow my husband enjoyed the movie very much. The movie had a want to be Top Gun vibe and spent a lot of money on the CGI of the state-of-the-art planes (that are not real) I noticed the font used in the credits was the same used in the Spider-man movies starring Toby McGuire. I wanted to put all this into a recording but no voice. Now that I have found the programs to use doing it again wouldn’t be too difficult.

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