Radio Show Week 2

Radio Show Week 2


We got quite organized in week one. I thought we had planned for different people to put the different sections together and then one person takes the sections and make it all one. I had volunteered for the final edit and put the sections together. I did not explain well enough the idea and I was left to put it all together. (I realized this before Tuesday) I do not mind really. I think my character had the least number of lines to record. She isn’t chatty like the other characters. I had a vision any way and I think the most time. The group was supper prompt about meeting the recording deadline (Tuesday) and getting everything recorded and put on Sound Cloud. They have really been a joy to work with. We just all didn’t click the enable download button. Yes, that included me. I went and fixed mine and then sent out directions in the group chat. So here is hoping that it is fixed soon. I am probably losing a day to work on this project waiting for everyone to fix the download mistake. I hadn’t finished typing and the problem was being corrected. Really a great group.

Wednesday I spent putting the majority of A, B, and C together.

Well, I intended to get back to writing out the rest of the week but didn’t. I chatted with the group some more on Discord and we divided the editing duties up. I did A, B and C and other group members did the others. On Friday Morning I put the show together and saw we were short time by about 10 mins. We needed more dialog. So Laday Alice got more insulting, and Sol found more words to say. Summers made more commercials to add to the breaks. I think we pulled it together really well. We all have different class and work schedules but managed to find time to communicate and put something really nice together. I would totally do a group project with them again. I know I had a lot of fun editing the dialog and adding the sounds of the audience. I hope people like it as much as I loved putting my parts together.

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