I believe I was avoiding this post. So, I decided to make myself do it. On 2/17/23 I found a water leak in my home. I spent the rest of the year fighting with my homeowner’s insurance. It is a long story. On January 14th, 2024, I was able to move my family back home. That week we had snow days and classes started at UMW. I got food poisoning. My husband had a rough week and I had to take care of him. He has PTSD and is a disabled veteran. So, I didn’t do this post. For some reason having to type out my goals scares me. It puts in writing what I want to do for everyone to see. I am afraid I will not do well and then everyone would know. There would be no hiding it if it was written down. Not writing it down keeps it a daydream and privet only for me to see. It keeps me safe. But that doesn’t help me grow.

I have been trying to think of goals for this class that go beyond just surviving. I want to be able to make a gif. I want to be able to make a short video with balanced sound. I want to be able to know how to use WordPress and not have to watch a tutorial online every time I want to change something. I want to be comfortable using a computer to make art or graphics (even if they are simple).

This class is making me really stretch and learn new skills. I am excited about the hard things I am learning to do. I know I will fail things at times, but I will learn from my failures even if it is simply what not to do.

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