Factualized Art – or Portal to Another World?

Factualized Art – or Portal to Another World?

The daily create gave us a link to make factualized art. Mandelbrot Fractal :: Zazow

I called my creation a frame. But really it reminds me of a sci-fi portal to another world. Does Dr. Strange have anything to do with this? Is Evil Brick really what he is fighting against and not Dormammu? You can decide pretty frame or portal to evil.

Once I made my art I could save and download it. I then put it in Photo Shop. I took the picture of Evil Brick that I colored yesterday and removed him from the background. I then resized it and made it fit nicely in the black void.

link to view the empty frame

Evil Brick sees your soul.

link to Mastodon post #tdc4443 – ds106 Social

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