Lady Alice the Investor

Lady Alice the Investor

This week I chose the option of one big assignment. I needed to make a video of my character speaking with Dr Oblivion and connect it all to Aggressive Technologies. I instantly knew I wanted to make Alice into an investor. But she is not a person to be satisfied with just being a part of a company she wants to be the boss. While Lady Alice knows she is smarter than everyone she also knows she needs to research before doing something new. This is how I approached this topic.

I started by going to visit the good Doctor. I asked him questions multiple times to hear his different answers. I downloaded the answers. I asked him leading questions to get him to mention certain things in his answer. I then wrote a script for Lady Alice Smythe. I used Audible to edit and piece together the many answers I had from Dr. Oblivion. Here is one I ended up not using.

Same question with 2 different answers.

I then went through the process of taking my mp3 and pairing it with the face. It was easier than I thought it would be after I figured out what to do. There was just a little trouble on getting started on my part. I skipped a step and didn’t realize it at first and was so lost. After a few minutes of feeling confused I found my user error and was rewarded with success! I was so over the top pleased with myself on being able to do this.

I then turned my attention to Lady Alice E. Smythe. I have a cold, so my clogged nasal voice was not an option this week. So, I turned to text to speech programs on the internet. I listened to many. I found Textmagic and liked the easiness and rang of voices I had to pick from.

With the voice done now I just needed to give her a face. I didn’t like what I could find online. To be honest I didn’t look too long. I contacted a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and asked If I could use their face. I am happy to say she said yes. I took some photos of her off of Facebook and used Adobe Photoshop to get rid of people and change the setting. I then used these photos to tell a story.

I would like to do more with the photos and get a video of my friend to play with in the future. I will have to see what she thinks of this first.

You may notice a lack of subtitles or not depending on when you view this I may have already gone back and added them.

While I didn’t have Alice actually appear to be speaking her part I like that I had different pictures to use to tell a bit of what is going on. I think I made it more interesting than just the same stiff heads going back and forth to look at. I also Like how I have introduced Aggressive Technologies to Alice’s story and what her interaction with the company will look like. Lady Alice has money and believes she is always the best person for the job.

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