Lady Alice E Smythe

Lady Alice E Smythe

This is a fictional character and similarities to real people are accidental.

Lady Alice E. Smythe

Mad genius – feels entitled to rule the world by virtue of intellectual superiority

E is for Edwina

She lives off a trust fund old family money.

Birth place some off the grid ranch in America probably Wyoming

Birth date March 25th, 2000

5ft 9in, slim, ginger hair, no freckles, can tan, green eyes, muscular but not overly fit, still looks young for age.

Lady Alice’s father is a lord from Scotland somewhere she never cared to remember much about that. Her mother is the daughter of a successful rancher in Wyoming. Her father was an avid adventurer that was too old for her mother. The marriage didn’t last long due his untimely death from doing something he shouldn’t while in his 60’s. Alice’s mother raised her mostly on her grandfather’s ranch in Wyoming. Alice is quite smart and flipped between privet tutors, boarding school and the nearest public school. Alice was too smart for her own good, often getting suspended and expelled from school. She had little respect for her teachers that she felt were not on her intellectual level. Alice was mostly a loner at school, finding her peers too stupid for words. When Alice could be bothered to do school assignments she always excelled. Alice attended several different Universities but never graduated. She only got in due to her mother donating enough money quietly to build new buildings. She firmly believes the human population to be as beneath her as rodents are to a cat. She spends her time reading, researching new ideas, riding horses, fencing, rock climbing, and whatever new hobbies perk her interest. She is not afraid of dirt but likes to dress well. She believes being a woman is an advantage that she will exploit.

Favorite food mashed potatoes

Favorite drink whisky neat

Color pale pink

Favorite book: The Ballad of Hua Mulan the original not translated.

Favorite movie Timeline

Favorite possession a simple silver ring with small flowers and a stone of obsidian. She found it in a field in Wyoming when she was small, and the ring was too big for her fingers. It now fits comfortably on her middle finger.

Personal motto nothing is impossible and the weak are stupid.

3 thoughts on “Lady Alice E Smythe

  1. Dr. Ravioli sees a lot of himself in you and wishes you well on world domination (he’s gonna beat you to it, I’m afraid.) Dr. Ravioli is also an intellectual and has never felt his teachers and professors were quite on his intellectual level. He also agrees that the weak are stupid.

    Praise Mopeds,
    Dr. Ravioli

  2. Alice says challenge excepted and when she runs the world, she will allow Ravioli to keep his mopeds. She says the moped is nothing more than a bicycle with a motor and an inferior mode of transportation. She is now ignoring me and is back to reading her book.

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