Everlast Pets – Fictional Ad

Everlast Pets – Fictional Ad

I made a commercial for Everlast Pets. I had previously made a PSA for the fake product, and I had wanted to make just an ad for it. I used Narakeet.com for the voices and Freesound.org for the music and other sounds used.

I have no idea why my picture is upside down. It is Friday and I just don’t have the energy or time to figure out why. I will have to do that at a later date. I also realized an error in my dialog after I finished. Did you catch it? I must have written fury instead of furry when I generated the speech on Narakeet.

Overall, I like how my commercial turned out. The picture is of my lab and a few weeks old kitten. They are still the best of friends.

11780 labrador dog barks.wav by Robinhood76 — freesound.org/s/700748/ — License: Attribution NonCommercial 4.0

The other dog sounds, cat, and music were creative commons and can be found on Freesound.org

this is Fictional Radio Ad from the Audio Assignment Bank for DS 106 Audio Assignment 2009

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